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4 Ways You Can Use Your FAQ Page to Hack Your Growth

Did you know your FAQ page could be your secret weapon for growth?

Think about it.

Most people that land on your FAQ page are almost ready to buy. So why not do everything you can to optimize your FAQ page to boost conversions?

Don’t know where to start? Here are four easy ways you can use your FAQ page to drive more traffic to your website and boost conversions.

Add Call To Actions (CTAs) to your FAQ answers

A good FAQ pages kills objections and convinces people to hit the sign up button.

So why not help them sign up to use your product or service directly on your FAQ page?

Make it easy for visitors to convert by adding contextual call to actions in your FAQ answers. For instance, if there’s a question about a specific feature, add a call-to-action to that page to convince visitors to try that particular feature.

And don’t worry if you lack incredible programming or design skills. There are plenty of tools like Button Optimizer, and the WordPress Calls to Action plugin to help you create beautiful call to actions for your website and WordPress blog easily.

Add Exit-Intent Pop-Ups on Your FAQ pages

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t exit intent pop-ups for blog posts or homepages?

If you want a big missed opportunity for growth – they are.

We all know about the amazing conversions people are getting with exit intent pop-ups. Don’t just let your new, curious visitors leave your site. Use an exit-intent pop-up like Exit Intel, Layered Popups or ExitMonitor to collect emails on your FAQ page and stay top of mind with this potential customer over time.

Want to take it up a notch? Add your new visitors to a drip campaign. You can use a basic tool like Aweber or really make things interesting by triggering emails and text messages to your list with a free tool like Autosend.

Create Landing pages for most commonly asked questions

Take your top questions and create landing pages for each of them. This trick will help you rank for long tail keywords in search engines.

Don’t believe it can work?

With this exact strategy Crazy Egg was able to drive an extra 4,108 visitors a month to their site.

And get this…roughly 82 of those visitors converted into paying customers!

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Visitors get their questions answered without searching through a long and overwhelming FAQ page and you get tons of new conversions!

Besides, a landing page for each FAQ question gives you more space to add calls to action to boost conversions more.

Add Search and Get Insights

Adding search to your FAQ page is a must for growth.

Why? Besides helping your visitors find the information they need faster. You can track all your search queries and gain insight into what people are looking for on your FAQ page.

If you use Google Site Search, all it takes is a Google Analytics integration to get this data.

Don’t have a search bar on your FAQ page? There’s awesome tools like Algolia to help you add search to your FAQ page. If you’re hosting your FAQ page on your WordPress blog, there are free plugins like WP Google Search to add a Google search bar.

There you have it. That’s four easy ways to use your FAQ page to help you scale. Even if you implement just one of these ideas, you can see an instant lift in conversions from the most frequently ignored page on a website – the FAQ page.


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