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5 Customer Onboarding Hacks You Aren’t Using

Just because your customers sign up for your website, doesn’t mean they know what to do next. If you don’t want to lose people right away, you need to help your customers reach their goal as quickly as possible.

To help your customers get to the WOW moment, you should focus on improving your customer onboarding. To do this, you can try a few simple onboarding hacks that will help you get more customers to the end goal and boost your conversions and customer retention.

Here are a few customer onboarding tricks you can try:

1. Let Your Users Knows What’s Coming with a Progress Bar

I know what you’re thinking. A silly little progress bar will help onboard my customers, really? It’s true. In fact, Flir added progress bars to their sign up form and got a huge boost in their conversion rate to the tune of 28.29%. But how can something so seemingingly trivial have that huge of an impact? To be frank, we’re all lazy. And if your new potential signup has to wonder how long it will take to join your site or purchase your product, they’ll quit. Progress bars give your users an indication of the end. Anything you can do to encourage them to get to the end, do it, Besides, it’s an easy win with progress bars.

2. Guide Your Customers With Smart Emails

Yes, email. It’s one of the cheapest, easiest ways to turn new sign ups into loyal customers. But you can’t just send any kind of email. You need to send smart emails the moment customers need them during the onboarding process. But how do you do that without being a mind reader? With trigger-based emails. I won’t go in to detail about trigger-based emails since it’s pretty we’ll explained in this article. But trigger-based emails help you email customers the moment they take a certain action on your website. For onboarding, you can trigger an email to welcome new users or guide them through a step the moment they run into trouble. Whatever you do, just send them. Trigger-based emails have a 95% higher open rate than mass email. How many more customers could you onboard with such a high open rate?

3. Initiate Live Conversations with Trigger-based Chat

Since we’re dicussing trigger-based messaging, why not trigger instant chats with your customers too? You could trigger an instant chat the moment your customers spend too long on your checkout page or while they complete a contact form on your website – to provide help before they ask. You don’t even need to be an amazing coder with sophisiticated tools to make this happen. You can use tools like Zopim or Olark to handle the hard work for you.

4. Give Your Customers a Website Tour

Nothing beats helping your customers purchase your product or use your app in person. But if your customers are online, this is a bit impossible. The good news is, you can come close to in-person guidance by setting up onboarding tours on your website. These website tours vitually walk your customers through every step of a task without you. Setting up a website tour is fairly easy with tools like Walkme, Tourmyapp, or Helppier. And the best part is, self-service website tours means happier customers and less customer support tickets for you. It’s a win-win!

5. Send Personal Text Messages to Help

Everyone’s texting. So why aren’t you using text messages to onboard your customers? Think about it. Text messages have a 98% open rate and although email is a wonderful onboarding tool, it doesn’t come close to SMS for engagement.  To onboard your customers, send a text to new signups that don’t reach a certain goal on your website. This could be for any goal like not creating a list in your to do list software or not completing your lead gen form. You can also send text messages to help people that abandoned their cart. And you don’t have to do it manually. If lines of code don’t scare you, you can use something like Twilio to take care of the back and forth texting for you – but we warned, it’s advanced and made for developers. If you need something more human-friendly, you can use a free and simple tool like Autosend.

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